About Us

Introducing LeafSource …


LeafSource mineral products are derived from a 100% natural, organic, prehistoric sea-bed deposit dated at about 120 million years old. Agricultural civilizations have long relied on sea beds as vital sources of fertilizer that enrich soils and provide the nutrients in our foods.

We now know that this intricate matrix of naturally occurring organic acids and alkalizing minerals can have a direct beneficial effect on the body ultimately helping the body run more efficiently.


What makes this seabed deposit so important?


It’s filled with organic acids (humic and fulvic acids), proteins, macro and micronutrients, organic carbon compounds, plant hormones and enzymes that when digested produce:


  • Enhanced energy levels
  • Reduction in joint pain and inflammation by over 104%
  • A stronger immune system … which means you’ll be sick much, much less
  • Quicker healing times
  • Increased white blood cell count
  • Healthier bones


And that’s just a short list…
In Other Words, This Seabed Deposit is a Veritable Fountain of Youth!