LeafSource™ Key Ingredient*


LeafSource is drawn from a deposit that is filled with Humate, a rich organic compound composed of the biodegraded and compressed remains of ancient tropical rain forests. Humates contain high levels of bioavailable organic acids like humic acid and fulvic acid, which are largely responsible for health enhancement.


Humates derived from ancient ‘freshwater’ sea beds, like those contained in LeafSource, are the most biologically diverse and powerful of all humates.

Agricultural civilizations throughout time have relied on ancient sea beds as vital fertilizers for soil and ultimately for providing nutrient-rich foods and healing nutrients to us.


With LeafSource, you’ll be able to “cut out the middle man” and enjoy the health benefits of these organic materials directly!


  • You’ll recapture your youthful vitality!
  • Your joint pain and inflammation will be reduced and may even disappear – allowing you to begin moving like you did years and years ago!
  • You’ll develop a ‘super” immune system capable of fighting off the toughest viruses!
  • Your energy will soar – you’ll feel younger and better than you have in a long time!
  • And much, much more!


It turns out the most exciting prehistoric discovery of all time isn’t a dinosaur bone or a fossilized plant, no it’s a 100% natural, organic, seabed deposit that dates back about 120 million years.